Blog 7

Joanna Wolfe's essay, Rhetorical Numbers: A Case for Quantitative Writing in the Composition Classroom,  discusses how quantitative information presentation is a type of rhetoric. She begins by talking about how "facts" are presented all around us, but people (students specifically) aren't taught how to evaluate the presentation of statistics. Textbooks mostly (if not completely) ignore … Continue reading Blog 7


Blog 6

Blog 6 Review from Feb: Email to the best friend (18 years old) Topic: deals with Chernobyl and extreme tourism, write them and tell them whether they should go Email: most agreed it was dangerous, you cited sources to back up what you were saying. You were trying to find people who agreed with you. … Continue reading Blog 6

Blog 5

Austin Boehm Dr. Howard ENGL 1020 6 Feb 2019 Exploration/Project Proposal             I have decided that my main focus of study this semester will be on household back-up power generators. In this proposal, I will talk about how I came to choose this topic. I will also discuss why back-up generators would be useful, and … Continue reading Blog 5

Blog 3.5

Quotes limit the search to the exact phrase. Extreme and tourism vs “extreme tourism” vs extreme AND tourism Use CRAAP test to evaluate them Scholarly sources (journals) - Peer review- A scholarly source… Must be peer reviewed Experts give feedbackThey do this anonymouslyDecide if a scholar should be publishedMany journals are inaccessible (most are … Continue reading Blog 3.5